Municipal or Ministry

SLIP FORM & HAND FORM CURBING – We have all the applicable Ministry of Transportation (MOT) curb and gutter profiles, as well as all the profiles for the British Columbia MMCD specifications. Our work encompasses everything from small island curbs to large, water controlling swale curbs.

SIDEWALKS, DRIVEWAYS, PATHWAYS – We produce all type of flatwork required on a ministry or municipal project, anything from large commercial crossings, to specialized coloured bike pathways, to large bus bays.

SPECIALIZED WORK – Other services we provide include, supply and installation of tactile warning strips, bus shelter foundations, stairs, sign bases, retaining walls, and decorative slab cutting.

DECORATIVE WORK – We also offer various style of decorative concrete works including stamped island infills, exposed aggregate slabs, and coloured roadway crossings.

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